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Elder Kerrie G. Green Jr.

Elder Kerrie G. Green Jr. is a native of Philadelphia, PA and a former undergraduate student at Pennsylvania State University – University Park. He attained a Bachelor’s Degree in African American studies, minoring in sociology. In the field of sociology, he has been admitted into Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society for his display of excellence in the study and commitment “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service.”

He plans to expand his Christian education by attending seminary in the Greater Philadelphia area. Green is a fervent worker for social equality and equity, urban community up-build and progression, grassroots expansion, and youth development. His passion for advocacy and activism stems from his involvement in his local church, Christian Tabernacle Church of Philadelphia, where he serves as youth pastor, under the leadership of Pastor J. Christopher Barmore. He also serves secularly in philanthropic and volunteer service organizations in his community, serving the people of Philadelphia.

Green is currently enrolled in West Chester University’s Social Work Master’s program, with an anticipated completion date in fall 2021. Additionally, he is the newly appointed Vice President of the Youth Department in the Koinonia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of PA under the leadership of Bishop Ernest C. Morris.

How did you figure out what your passion is?

Figuring out my passion stems from my involvement in my local church, Christian Tabernacle Church of Philadelphia where I serve as youth pastor. The work of ministry and the onus of every believer to spread the love of God through charitable causes helped me understand the principles of social work, social justice, and human rights.

What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

Personally, the most rewarding part has been to see the fruits of my labor: in school, at church, or in the community. When your motive and heart is in the right place, a return always follows.

What else would you like to accomplish?

In the coming years, I would like to continue to work towards the completion of my Master’s in Social Work at West Chester University, obtain seminary teaching and certification, and organize grassroots programs targeting the youth of our city.

What advice would you give to other young people beginning their careers?

We are taught that once we obtain a certain level of education we will find a great job and build our personal American dreams. My advice is not to become discouraged when your progression or profession isn’t ideal just yet. Nothing in life comes easy; pace your progress and enjoy the process.

What does being a part of the African Diaspora mean to you?

Majoring in African American Studies in undergraduate school, I have developed new levels of knowledge, love, and appreciation for my heritage, history, and culture. Being a part of this Diaspora means I’m apart of the most resilient, innovative, spiritual, and modernistic people on the face of the Earth. By being a member of the African Diaspora, I’m able to draw from the strength of my ancestors, learn from our history, and build for tomorrow.

Nominated by FunTimes Under 30 Alum, Kala West