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Ms. Patricia ACKASON

Ms. Patricia Ackason reminisces about the revelations she experienced as an undergrad student at her HBCU. She still relishes the friendships and special relationships formed then that are still special today as a result of her transformative years. Ackason said that attending Benedict College, gave her the support, confidence and desire to further her education and attend graduate school. Patricia Ackason met and married her college sweetheart, a visiting student from Ghana, West Africa as a result of attending her HBCU. She recalls how her HBCU supported student success and progress by mentoring, caring and treating the student as an individual person.

Ackason has always been a staunch supporter of her Alma Mater. She has been active on the local level with The Philadelphia and Vicinity Benedict Alumni Club since its inception in the 1970's. She has held several positions within the organization including serving as president for six years.

Her club has sponsored scholarships to Philadelphia students attending Benedict College and they continue to reach out to students and alumni living in the Philadelphia area. Ackason also sees alumni as a way of making sure HBCU's stay around for a long time. Feeling very reminiscent of Nelson Mandala's “Each one, teach one” mantra, she has coined the phrase “Each one, Reach one”. Alumni reaching out to other friends and family and coming together as one unified body to support their HBCU.

We must support our own schools by giving back our time, talent and treasure in order to ensure that our HBCU's and the next generations survive. Looking out for the next generations solidifies our belief in our potential and extends our influence on how we are respected, supported and survive in this society. Ms. Ackason knows that the key to Black solidary only comes from supporting all factions of the Diaspora, and by starting right here in your own backyard.

As we provide local to university support, we must always remember to be proud of our heritage and lift each other up, never tear down. Black people are the past, present and future. As the 29th President of the Benedict College National Alumni Association, Ms. Ackason feels honored and privileged to be associated with such an extraordinary group of graduates and supporters from such an awesome school of higher education.

“The Benedict College National Alumni Association wishes to congratulate Benedict College Alumni and supporters on a successful 2019 Annual Giving campaign. As true, loyal Tigers “We sought, we fought, we conquered”. We have proven for the 5th consecutive year that our strength and unity generates success in reaching our goals. We sincerely thank each of you for your resources, time and effort put forth in this campaign, you are indeed #the BEST of BC.”

At in Her Footsteps Luncheon with Essie Williams, Alumni Volunteer; Cedelle Gates, Vice President BCNAA, student MC; Patricia J Ackason, President BCNAA; Ada Belton, BCNAA Executive Secretary

UNCF Gala with Dr. Artis, Patricia Ackason, Cedelle Gates and Ada Belton.

Meet & Greet with Dr. Artis and the Washington, DC Alumni Club#46. March 2019.