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Black students say Princeton Theological Seminary pledge of. Sandy

Black students say Princeton Theological Seminary pledge of $27 million for reparations is "not enough."

In October, the Princeton Theological Seminary pledged $27 million of its endowment for reparations about its ties to slavery. But, members of the Association of Black Seminarians say the New Jersey institution's pledge is "a good start" but it was short of what the group had petitioned for.

Nicholas Young, president of the Black student group said the $27 million is well below what the institution's own accounting indicated. He also said, the seminary needed to do more to address how the faculty "used theology to justify the institution of slavery."

The school released a report in 2018, "Princeton Seminary and Slavery," that examined its ties to slavery. The report found that while the school did not enslave Black people or use their labor to erect its buildings, about 15% of the Seminary's revenue between 1812 and 1861 was from donations from owners of enslaved people. And, some of the school's founders and professors enslaved Blacks while speaking out against slavery.

April 8th and 9th the Seminary will host "Legacy and Mission: Theological Education and the History of Slavery."