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Book Review - Loving To Be WE: Receiving Mountains as Stepping Stones to Cross the Cultural Divide Between Jamaica and the USA/Babylon

What’s It About?

Alex is a young father struggling to raise his sons out of poverty in rural Jamaica. In the depths of despair, he receives a vision that a woman from a’foreign is coming to uplift his family. Lainee is a successful professional in the U.S. enjoying business, friends, and travel. For 15 years since a confusing divorce, she has been fascinated by the idea that in retirement she is to host a guest home in Jamaica. Now, at age 48, she is also ready to manifest her soul mate. Is it by chance these dreamers meet and instantly bond? Is fate manipulating false hopes or facilitating their love? It will be up to them to keep transforming mountains into stepping-stones, if they are to realize their desires. Inspired by How Stella Got Her Groove Back, the author details a 25-year cross-cultural journey with her Rastafari husband, their families, and friends – a remarkable memoir that reads like a fantasy but is as real as life gets.

Loving To Be WE” is more than a love story, it crosses racial and class boundaries, which often limit us, and shows us what an enriching experience it can be … (This is) a primer on how to live in the moment, face challenges, and respect one another,” endorsed Kathryn “Kitsi” Watterson, award-winning writer, University of PA instructor, and author of I Hear My People Sing: Voices of African American Princeton, Not by the Sword, and Women I Prison: Inside the Concrete Womb.

What’s in It?

Cross-cultural Romance: Overcoming conflicts stemming from race, religion, language, class, age, gender, and customs that can derail a relationship.

Spirituality and Rastafari: Feeling the uplifting vibrations of Jamaica’s One Love, Rasta livity, and “conscious” one drop reggae that inspire peace, unity, and equality.

Health: Rebalancing through lifestyle changes to achieve well-being – in the author’s case, within a few miraculous months after a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis and a grim prognosis.

The Law of Attraction: Manifesting desires with clarity and passionate resolve. (i.e. My husband and our guest home!)

Politics: Illustrating with personal situations the global and local pressures on Jamaica. (It’s more than a playground.)

Relaxation: Easing into the magical tale to delight your senses and widen your horizons.

Life Review: Writing a memoir for the opportunity to share wisdom, express gratitude, and find meaning in unexpected ways. As Toni Morrison urged, if there’s a book you want to read and it hasn’t been written, then write it! Hopefully, this book with inspire yours.

And the Authors?

Raised on a Kansas farm, Cheri Avery Black and her Jamaican husband Jah B enjoy hosting their guest home, the Topaz Dream Palace overlooking Montego Bay. He also manages apartments and an organic farm in his nearby village. Their adult sons live in the Philadelphia community where they grew up.

She is a contributing author to two Amazon Best Seller anthologies, Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being and The Art and Science of Success, as well as the editor of Paths through Despair to Gratitude and Faith.

Ms. Black was editor of FunTimes Magazine celebrating the African Diaspora from 2013 to 2019), co-founder and director of university-based multicultural institutes at Temple and Drexel universities, and deputy director of mental health for the City of Philadelphia. Inside the book, find a detailed bio, additional endorsements, a Spicy Guide to the memoir (describing Jamaican Patwah, Rastafari, and currency exchange/minimum wage), 13 pages of photo collages, and guest home reviews.

Loving To Be WE is available at, (publisher),, and