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How to Achieve Your 2020 Education Goals

By Dr. Stephen Jones

Your past can hold you back from a prosperous future if you let it. The past should be used as a learning experience that you can use as a launching pad for your future. Think about the five thingsyou learned from your past and write them down. It will help you to identify the

things that you need to avoid and the things that you should pursue. You can get help you needfrom people who have better expertise in the five things on your list.Think about the success that you want in the future and pursue it with great diligence. Individuals who succeed in life have grit and determination to achieve their goals despite all obstacles.

For centuries education has been the foundation for the pursuit of a successful future. What is your education plan for 2020? Sitting on the sideline will not bring you the education and career opportunities that you want. Today you can take online courses or sit in on a class. Opportunities abound in colleges and trade schools across the country. There are non-traditional ways to earn a degree. For example, some colleges send an instructor to a corporate facility to teach classes so that their employees can earn a degree. You can prevail over the situations that have limited you in the past by pursuing your goals right away. Just go to a college and meet with an admissions officer.

You need to get up and get started on your goal every day. Make a commitment to end your procrastination and take charge of your time and your life. Organize your schedule so that you can easily fit classes onto the schedule. Talk to a new person every week about their profession. If you are attending a college, ask one of your professors to serve as a mentor who keeps you on track toward your graduation. Take a computer class to enhance your technology skills. Become a part of a social network such as Linkedin and join various career education groups. You are in charge of your destiny.

Get started on your education goals right away. Don’t let others tell you what you cannot do. Every day is an opportunity for you to change your direction. When you start classes meet with a career counselor at your college or trade school to uncover your options. The time that you invest in your future will yield great results. Make sure that you write down your goals. Each weekend take time to review how much you have accomplished and make plans for your next week.

Define your education goals for 2020. How many courses do you want to complete by the end of the school year. If you believe that you will succeed, you are on your way to achieving your goal. You can make 2020 your education year just by following through on your commitments. Break down your goals in to bit size chunks. Try to select a course or training program that you will enjoy for your first class. Don’t place any limits on your goal. Your instructor will see your enthusiasm for their course and they will find it easy to devote their time to helping you. You can use 2020 to discover how the world all around you is full of opportunities to create your future.

Dr Stephen Jones is national education presenter, and author of the “Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide,” and the Ultimate Scholarship guide at or email [email protected].