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10 Education Resolutions Tips for 2020

Dr. Stephen Jones

We are in a new decade and its time to pursue your education dreams. For centuries education has been the foundation for the growth of a successful society. What is your education plan for 2020? Don’t sit back and let another year go by without accomplishing your education goal. Sitting on the sideline will not bring you the education that you want. Today is the time to research several colleges that you want to attend. You can take online courses or sit in on a classroom with an instructor. Some companies offer courses after work in their own facilities. You should think about the best way to get started and to involve your family and friends as you pursue your education goals. Visit a college, go on a tour and meet with an admissions officer or email them some questions.

What’s blocking you from achieving your education goals. You keep talking about trying to find the right time to get started. You may need to get started with one course so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Always talk to your instructors once you start your curriculum. You will benefit from talking to your instructor and getting their insights.

Here are 10 education tips you should follow: 1. Get up and get started on your goal every day. Make your goal measurable; 2. Make a commitment to managing your time and to stop procrastination;3. Organize your schedule so that you can easily fit classes onto the schedule; 4. Talk to a new person every week about their profession; 5. Ask one of your teachers to serve as a mentor who keeps you on track; 6. Take a computer class to enhance your technology skills; 7. Become a part of a social network such as Linkedin and join various education groups; 8. Identify a friend who will encourage you as you pursue your education dream; 9. Attend educational seminars on your college campus; 10. Download audiobooks and listen to them on your computer or cell phone.

Write down your education goals for 2020. Don’t get left behind on your plan to accomplish your goals. If you believe that you will succeed, you are on your way to achieving you goal. You can accomplish your goal of completing your education now. Too many students of all ages start with a goal that is too big. Try to select a course or training program that you will enjoy for your first class. Your instructor will see your enthusiasm for their course and your assignments will show the level of commitment.

You can use 2020 to discover how the world all around you is full of education opportunities that help you to prepare for the future. Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or working for a corporation education is the key to your advancement. Now is the time to open your life to the new adventure that an advanced education can provide during 2020. For education coaching contact Dr. Stephen Jones at [email protected] or 610-842-3843.