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Check In The Mail

Aug 14, 2020 02:48PM ● By Staff Writer

The word on the street is that Trump is handing out money, so that, were the election held today, he would win in the ‘hood. Yeah! A head-scratching issue. Well, Pelosi and Democrats in Congress are fighting hard for the common man/woman to get additional $600 per week to supplement whatever they are receiving. So (dis)ingenious Republican operatives are spinning the narrative that the federal government run by Trump is giving them the free money and if they vote him again, the good times continues!

Talk about one single story. Of course, to the educated class, this makes no sense when you consider the clueless utterances of #45. But that was how he won in 2016. So, Democrats are doing the work and Trump is reaping the glory! How does it work? Well, who remembers that moronic phrase, “build the wall” that propelled #45 to power? This time the new catchphrase is, “check in the mail.” And you wonder if #45 can “bribe” his way to re-election? Hmm, think again, and this time on “Other People’s Money—” yes, on the dime of the federal government. As it stands, #45 is winning the war on messaging.

One would ask whether all of #45’s transgressions count on the street: but tell me, how many people read The New York Times, Washington Post or those well-intentioned media outlets? How many people on the street watch CNN and MSNBC or even Fox news? The American intelligentsia is fixated on the outlandish antics of Trump, but we forget that his background is reality TV. We forget that if stripping his dress on day time TV would get him attention, he would do it. These digressions and distractions glue us to the set while his guerilla operatives work the streets with the “Trump has a check in the mail” single-story narrative.

Can Democrats push back on this tragic misinformation? Nov 3, will tell! Fielding Kanye West as a potential presidential candidate as malevolent as it is, may not come close to the disinformation and promise or other machination of this incumbent. Trump has his eyes on the price…Re-election. Therefore, the sooner the country wakes up to this sole purpose, the sooner we can forestall his ploy. History is replete with people who have won the battle but lost the crown. It would be terrible for Joe Biden and the country to be scratching our head on Nov 3, 2020. To Trump, the end justifies the means, and he means no good!