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Minds on Fire: 2021 People to Watch Under 30 Finalist - David and Aaron Cabello

Feb 19, 2021 08:00AM ● By Kaila Snyder

Just over four years ago, David and Aaron Cabello dropped out of Shippensburg University following Donald Trump’s election. Now, David is the founder of Black and Mobile, the first Black-owned food delivery service in the country to exclusively deliver for Black-owned restaurants, and his twin brother, Aaron, is his right-hand business partner. COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on small businesses, but Black and Mobile has managed to trudge through both the pros and cons while simultaneously offering assistance to those in their community.

Despite the chaos presented by a pandemic, Black and Mobile has continued successfully. Due to a widespread call-to-action for more support of Black-owned business and the necessity for delivery options, David and Aaron’s business has soared, hitting an astonishing $500k mark in the past thirteen months, in spite of competition from larger delivery services such as DoorDash and Caviar. However, when asked about these staggering financial accomplishments, and what he is most proud of, David responded:

“I would say I’m most proud of being able to hire my twin brother, Aaron, and supporting my mom and my family. I’m also proud to be able to help and support the Black community, my people.” Adding, “I’ll admit, being a cameo in JayZ and Pharell’s music video for their song ‘Entrepreneur’ with my brother, Aaron, was pretty cool too.”

Even though the country faces current economic instability, Black and Mobile is still expanding, pushing delivery services beyond Philadelphia to Atlanta, Baltimore, and Detroit. When asked about some of his long-term goals related to business expansion and community outreach, David responded:

“I would love to see Black and Mobile move nationwide and become a go-to delivery service in population-dense urban communities. I also see us moving past just food delivery. We can deliver clothes and other essential goods and necessities to cities in need. As for community outreach, it’s important to keep business circulating in the Black community. I want to keep helping my people.”

What started as twin brothers working to deliver food on their bicycles to make ends meet, transformed into a successful and continuously progressive Black-owned delivery service. It's no wonder that David and Aaron’s story is considered inspirational to many young entrepreneurs. 

David's advice to entrepreneurs is, “Be prepared to put in the work. This is a seven days a week job. You have to be prepared to put in the long hours. I mean, not until you burn out, but you have to be passionate and determined to make it happen.”

With Black and Mobile continuing to find financial success, the Cabello brothers will undoubtedly keep steamrolling ahead in the food delivery industry. Please remember to support Black-owned businesses during this time and moving forward.

You can download Black and Mobile’s official app in the Apple App Store or as an Android app on Google Play.