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7 Black Women Who Will Improve Your Financial Literacy

Jun 11, 2021 01:00PM ● By Boitumelo Masihleho
Black Women Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is no longer optional in today’s society, but a necessity. There is a ton of access to information via the internet where you can find individuals who are financially knowledgeable and offer affordable online courses and blogs with a wealth of information. Black women have been blazing a trail in the financial world for decades. Amid the expanding wealth inequality in the U.S., numerous Black women around the country are making major strides toward a more financially literate future. Let’s check out these 7 Black women who know more than a thing or two when it comes to managing their finances.

Clarissa ‘The Budget Queen’

Clarissa Moore, known as ‘The Budget Queen’, is the founder and owner of the Budget Queen blog and brand. Clarissa teaches working women the 3Ms: how to make, manage, and multiply money. In 2008, Clarissa worked at a bank in the credit card department, and in 2019, she started her blog and coaching business after seeing the impact her coaching had on struggling single moms. The knowledge she learned from her work at a bank helped her to get rid of $43,000.00 in credit card debt in 16 months. To date, she’s helped over 700 women create a budget and saved them over $10,000.


Sheena Allen

Sheena Allen grew up in a small Mississippi town with only one bank. She watched as friends and family who didn't have a bank account become victims of predatory services. Now she's created CapWay, a financial service provider with the core service of mobile banking and financial tech company for unbanked and underbanked American adults in need. CapWay aims to fill financial gaps and create financial access and opportunities for those who have been underserved and overlooked by the traditional financial system - including the unbanked and underbanked.


Marsha Barnes

A certified financial social worker, financial educator, and financial commentator, Marsha Barnes operates The Finance Bar. The Finance Bar is a personal finance suite helping women and couples achieve financial wellness through coaching, education, and an innovative learning hub on wheels. She is a financial leader and expert with over a decade of experience in financial services and is passionate about helping others on their journey to financial wellness. Barnes is currently serving as the official brand ambassador for FICO and was named the Best Money Expert in the net-worth category for GOBankingRates in 2018. “Financial wellness isn’t a luxury to be enjoyed by the few; any willing and determined person can turn their financial situation around,” said Barnes.


Dasha Kennedy

Dasha Kennedy is a self-proclaimed monetary activist and the founder of The Broke Black Girl. She has over ten years of expertise as an accountant and default counselor. Kennedy is filling the hole in monetary literacy by specializing in identifying spending triggers which might put girls in debt. In addition to being a finance coach, Kennedy is equally passionate about economic justice and encourages tough money conversations around estate planning for parents as well as the racial wealth gap.


Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant considers herself a financial literacy advocate and provides practical tips and tricks to help you save money through her website Money Talk With T. “From a young age, I was always money-conscious.  I remember being as young as 6 and clipping coupons.  Did anyone use them?  Nope, but I found joy in going through the motions,” said Grant on her website.  “When I got my first job at 16, I used coupons to get more bang for my buck.  Once I saw how helpful they were, I used coupons for everything!” Grant has a bachelors in business administration with a concentration in management and a masters of business administration. She is a candidate for her accredited monetary counselor certification and a former monetary affiliate. Her podcast interviews everybody from entrepreneurs to actual property traders and monetary consultants, to provide you with a wealth of knowledge.


Mahi Amah

Mahi Amah is a former ER physician who now uplifts all Black girls with monetary literacy on social media. Amah’s Instagram page, BlackWomxnAreWealthy provides tips to grow your money like how to use a Roth IRA to grow your money and ways to pay fewer taxes as a W-2 employee. She offers simple to hyperlinks to wealth calculators like a compound curiosity calculator, retirement withdrawal calculator, and a take dwelling pay calculator.


Tiffany Aliche

As a former kindergarten teacher, Tiffany Aliche offers the kind of gentle encouragement needed for anyone who has faced—or is in the midst of—financial trauma. Also known as 'The Budgetnista', in 2014, Aliche launched the Live Richer Challenge to help thousands of women pay off and manage their debt. Aliche is also an award-winning author and a co-host of the popular Brown Ambition podcast. Through The Budgetnista, she asserts she’s helped 800,000 women worldwide—whom she calls “Dream Catchers”—eliminate $100 million in debt and amass over $75 million in savings. She also hosts a Live Richer Challenge where she says 800,000 women take part in one or more financial challenges.




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 Boitumelo Masihleho is a South African digital content creator. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes University in Journalism and Media Studies and Politics and International Studies.  

She's an experienced multimedia journalist who is committed to writing balanced, informative and interesting stories on a number of topics. Boitumelo has her own YouTube channel where she shares her love for affordable beauty and lifestyle content. 

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