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Celebrate Tanzania Independence with these 7 Local Tanzanian Dishes

Dec 08, 2021 08:00AM ● By Oga Africa
a kebab, a pice of roast meat, chapati, rice, greens, a fried banana, and two different stews

(A Tanzanian meal, complete with Ndizi, Mboga, Pili Pili, Chapati, Pilau Kuku, Mishkaki, and Maharage. Image by Tcg1111 via Wikimedia Commons,_mishkaki,_ndizi,_%26c..JPG )

Happy Independence Day, Tanzania! On December 9th, 1961, this East African country gained independence from Britain. To celebrate the country’s indigenous culture, and varying influences that combine to create the nation’s imprint, we are exploring seven of the country’s delicious dishes. Let’s jump right in!

Mishkaki with Kachumbari. Image by zizounyc via Wikimedia Commons)

Mishkaki, a Swahili word that translates to beef kebab, is a savory dish that is prepared by marinating beef in a sauce made of lemon juice, papaya, and spices, and then grilling the meat over a fire. Mishkaki is usually paired with a dipping sauce like tomato onion sauce, and eaten with an Indian side dish called chapati.

(Tanzanian Ugali made with cassava, and okra stew. Image by Misosi via Wikimedia Commons)

Ugali is a staple dish made of mashed maize flour that is eaten in various East African countries, including Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, and more. Other variations of ugali in Tanzania include ugali made with cassava. The national dish of Tanzania is Ugali na Maharage ya Nazi, which is a kidney bean stew with ugali as a side dish.

East African pilau is a one-pot rice dish made with vegetables and/or meat, notably chicken, beef, or lamb. Tanzanian pilau has five staple spices: cinnamon, cloves, cumin, cardamom, and black peppercorn. This dish, which could be preferable for meat eaters or vegetarians, will entice your taste buds.

 (Kitimoto na ndizi. Image by Frederick Mboma via Wikimedia Commons)

Kitimoto na ndizi is a delectable dish of Tanzania that includes roasted pork, paired with roasted green bananas and a salad.

 (Mandazi. Image by ChildofMidnight via English Wikipedia )

Mandazi is an east African donut dish that is enjoyed in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. Mandazi is eaten in a variety of ways, including as a dessert, a snack, or as a breakfast side with tea. 

 (Chipsi Mayai. Image by iamkevoo via Wikimedia Commons)

Chipsi Mayai is a dish that translates to ‘chips and eggs’ in Swahili. This dish is made by cooking eggs and french fries into an omelette-style dish. Chipsi Mayai is often eaten as a breakfast and is paired with condiments such as ketchup, chilli sauce, or kachumbari, an East African salad.

 (Christmas Nyama Choma in Tanzania. Image by Jovin Tibenderana via Wikimedia Commons)

Nyama Choma, a roasted meat dish, can be made with various types of meat. In Tanzania, the most common type of nyama choma, which means ‘grilled meat’ in Swahili, is goat.

Have you tried Tanzanian cuisine? Which dish is your favorite? Comment below!

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