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Miss Mahogany Style Report: Spring Forward! Top 3 Style Trends of 2022

Mar 18, 2022 10:00AM ● By Aisha Al-Muid

Hello, Bonjour, E-Ne-Le! Guess who's back? For those who do not know me, my name is Aisha Al-Muid, AKA “MissMahoganyphilly”, AKA “Miss Mahogany Style”. I have contributed to FunTimes magazine in the past and I am so excited to be back to share my thoughts on fashion, beauty, and life with an emphasis on style. My intention is to offer a unique perspective using my lens which encompasses the appreciation of African, American, Asian, and European creativity, design aesthetics, and cultural contexts. Some of the goals I have set for this column are to showcase clothing, inform about great designers, and to elevate beautiful Black people by exploring a plethora of fashion ideas and topics. A person’s choice of clothing can heavily influence the impression they transmit and is, therefore, a powerful communication tool. Having fashion awareness and intentionality can be also used as a tool for living your best life. 

Let’s get into it!  Here’s my forecast for the top 3 stylish fashion trends for spring 2022.

 1. Power Suits

For an instant confidence boost, we turn to the power suit. Whether it's a big job interview or a first date, the power suit exudes confidence. On-trend for a few years now, however, the bold suit is due for an update. Bold Ankara prints with modern tailoring  designers and fast-fashion brands alike are churning out suit options that cater to every personality. Separates from
High waisted trousters $90.00 USD


2. Chunky Platform Loafers

The ultimate mix of style classic shoes with platform lug soles, loafers are arguably the most relevant shoe right now. They are super comfy, give height, and an edgy modern look. Wear them with a sleek pantsuit, pop them on with your favorite jeans, or layer them with a cool t-shirt and dress and you've instantly elevated your outfit for any season. This pair is from $150.00 UDS (5-11) 


 Lawrence Cognac Leather $99.00 UDS

3. Crochet Pieces

Crochet wear is, arguably, a current fashion trend blown up by Harry Styles and his pop-culture smash “Watermelon Sugar” video. The clip features Styles and a group of cool kids on the beach, eating fruits while clad in a wide array of brightly colored crochets and vintage clothing. The arts and crafty style can be mixed for an interesting stand out day or evening wear. This duster from super stylist J.Bolin is a double dip for trendsetting mixing pastels and pops of color will make this a forever wardrobe stable.  



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 Aisha Al-Muid M.Ed. is the columnist behind "Culture Style Influencers". As a youngster she took an interest in high fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Essence) and had an opportunity to intern at Essence magazine in the late 90’s. Aisha spent time working in retail at Barneys’ New York and eventually she opened a retail boutique, Miss Mahogany in West Philadelphia 2014-2016 featuring stylish fashion accessories. The passion for fashion and style  is an intricate part of her life that has driven Aisha to contribute to FunTime magazine as a writer and style influencer since 2015.