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10 Best Bonnets That'll Keep Your Hair Protected and Pretty

May 14, 2022 03:00PM ● By Boitumelo Masihleho

Silk or satin bonnets provide all those benefits wrapped up in plush, soft fabric that makes styling your hair the next morning a more seamless process. There are a few key differences between them to know. Silk is a fiber made by the bombyx Mori moth. Real silk feels much more luxurious and has built-in temperature regulation properties so it’s overall more comfortable. This type of silk is considered the highest quality, but not all silk fabrics are Mulberry silk. If you want a natural and more luxe fiber, silk is your best bet. 

Satin is a weave, so many silk fabrics are also satin. In many cases, satin fabrics are also made with polyester, though they can be made with other materials as well. Synthetic satin is smooth while being more affordable and more durable though it doesn’t feel as natural and unique as silk. Satin bonnets still offer smooth and protecting benefits. You can never have too many bonnets, so here are 10 of the best bonnets to keep your hair happy, healthy, and hydrated. Guard those precious curls and braids!

Regal Ivy Naija Babe Reversible Afrochic Bonnet

Regal Ivy is a lifestyle brand that specializes in headwear and loungewear for women. 

“My business started as a result of me solving a problem for myself. I needed a satin bonnet that offered more than what the ones I owned could do for me. At that time my hairstyles interchanged between beautiful voluminous curls and long braids,” said founder Chinyere Chi in an interview with Voyage Austin. “Unfortunately, the satin bonnets I bought from my local beauty supply store didn’t do much for me; they didn’t fit my hair and they simply weren’t stylish.” The drawstring perimeter of this satin-lined bonnet means it’s perfect for hair masks, hot oil treatments, or any deep conditioner.


Isoken Enofe Burj Khalifa Stoned Bonnet

Isoken Enofe is an e-Boutique curated by Youtube Beauty & Fashion Influencer Isoken Enofe-Asemota. As a fashion designer, her clothing line "Isoken Enofe" focuses on ready-to-wear Stoned Ankara Pieces, Abaya,  Iro & Buba pieces, African accessories, and loads more, aimed to embody each customer as an African Queen. Made from sensual materials of Ankara, silk, velvet, and chiffon, each Isoken Enofe piece has been designed and created to accentuate the female body in the most feminine, yet modest way. Inspired by the Afrocentric Heritage, these Ankara silk bonnets have been crafted with the finest quality of Ankara and silk fabric and lined with pure satin on the inside, to keep you super stylish and cute when going to bed and during bad hair days.


Afroani Magenta Adjustable & Reversible Satin Bonnet

Using nature’s valuable blend to create hair products and accessories is what Afroani is all about. 

Afroani was created in 2020 by Anita Lusuardi, a full-time mother and natural hair content creator, who has had to grow into loving her textured hair. As a child growing up in Italy, she did not see hair that looked like hers and just wanted to fit in.  Once becoming part of the natural hair community on Instagram in 2019, she realized how many women, just like her, were always in search of the perfect clean hair care products and accessories that will make their curls stand out the most. Their accessories line has been designed thinking of making hair tools for textured hair fun and different from what was already on the market. We wanted to give you a chic and luxury experience, begin your healthy hair journey with Afroani.

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Cee Cee’s Closet’s NYC Onye, Zinika, Bamidele, and Chirai Bonnets

Whether you’re rocking a stretched-out Afro, a head full of box braids, or lovely dreadlocks, these spacious poly-silk lined bonnets will keep the style looking flawless. And if that isn’t dope enough, the brand also sells matching African printed clothes if you want to get fly from head-to-toe. Entrepreneurs Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo are sisters, college graduates, and self-taught fashion designers who are the founders of Cee Cee’s Closet NYC. Their custom creations are handmade by artisans in the West African country of Nigeria.


Grace Eleyae Silk Navy Gold Floral Turban

“Our goal is to take the sweat out of your morning routine by offering protective hair accessories that are fashionable and functional. Our silk and satin-lined products eliminate hair-damaging friction, lock in moisture and help distribute your hair’s natural oils throughout your scalp,” says Grace Eleyae on their website. Grace Eleyae was founded on the belief that you should never have to choose between hair care and style, so they made products that combine both. Made out of 100% washable-silk, this bonnet gets the top spot on our list for its luxury look and feel. It's a bit pricier, but it's worth every penny for its silky-smooth feel. It also has hidden adjustable drawstrings that allow you to achieve a custom fit and keep your turban in place all night long.


Glow by Daye St. Lucia Navy Satin Bonnet

Founder Ranay Daye came up with Glow By Daye bonnets to give Black women high-quality, well-designed bonnets for protecting hair. With over 1,400 5-star reviews on Amazon, this bonnet is a cult favorite. If you’re feeling a bit indecisive, this bonnet comes in plenty of patterns and colors, and it has two wearable sides so you can switch things up to get the most out of your sleepwear. It’s also adjustable and made of high-grade double-layered satin for increased durability that the brand swears by with a one-year guarantee. “As a self-proclaimed "lazy natural" making the time to style, maintain, preserve, and do all the necessary things for optimal hair health is daunting for me on the MOST day,” said Daye. “This was the inspiration behind Glow by Daye.”


Slip Pure Silk Turban

This lavish Slip bonnet is made of pure silk. It also works for a variety of head sizes thanks to a silk-covered elastic band. It’s double-lined with smooth slip silk inside and out so your hair can enjoy the benefits. This bonnet was designed specifically for thick or curly hair, so it's perfect for anyone with a lot of hair or braids. Slip use the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme, and enforce the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.

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Peace Crown'd Duppy Conqueror Bonnet

Peace Crown'd’s nightcaps and cushions are sized for comfort. All nightcaps are sewn lined with authentic satin and carefully selected for their soft & silky touch. These ultra-plush satin bonnets are about as soft as it gets, so you can feel as good as you look in them. There are plenty of styles to choose from and each print has a different meaning. This particular satin-lined crown is inspired by the Nazar Talisman, an ancient protection symbol used to ward off the evil eye, bad luck, malevolent energies, and bad mind. The founder, Saraounia, created the brand and its product as an extension of their holistic lifestyle, to be infused in daily self-care rituals such as prayer and meditation to give their customers a uniquely adorned approach to cultivating a peace-filled life.


LilySilk Elegant Night Silk Bonnet

This is a long silk sleep bonnet. You can put your long hair in the nightcap very relaxedly, instead of being folded on the head like the short nightcap, it can be easily worn on the head before going to bed. It has a silk-wrapped elastic band, it’s made of 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk and is OEKO-TEX® certified, which means it is free of harmful chemicals. LilySilk is a luxury brand that offers amazing pieces made from the finest silk fabrics and offers an extravagant line of sleepwear, accessories, and bedding collections. The company's founder, Lily Lin, spent many years in France working in the silk industry. When she returned to China in 2010, she decided to start her own company creating an avenue to connect Chinese silk masters to the rest of the silk-loving world.


Loza Tam Selam Front Knot Tam Wrap

You’ll want to pop on this fitted turban after you slather your hair with an overnight deep conditioner or after oiling your scalp. It helps keep the product on your head, not your sheets. This top knot turban is made lined in a beautiful mauve satin to prevent friction between the cotton fabric and your fragile hair strands. It features an elastic band in the back to ensure the turban stays secure on your head.






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