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Black-Owned Seasoning and Hot Sauce Brands You Need to Add to Your Pantry

Jun 20, 2022 12:00PM ● By Zeena Garnett

No matter what side of the Diaspora you may find yourself on, there’s one thing we can agree upon; we don’t play when it comes to seasoning our food! In fact, this social media meme describes it best: Black people don’t measure seasonings, we simply sprinkle until we hear our ancestors whisper, ‘enough my child.’ Thinking back to moments in the kitchen with my own grandmother, she could never tell me any exact measurements. Whether it was her signature collard greens with a hint of spice, or the store bought barbeque sauce that she would ‘doctor up,’ her response was always the same. A pinch of this or a dash of that. Nothing compared to granny’s wisdom!

Our history with spices dates way back. Vasco de Gama’s expedition in 1748 had revealed that Africa was already heavily involved in the spice trade prior to his arrival. Cloves, cumin, garlic and ginger were among the spices found there. During slavery, Africans would plant peppers in their gardens to use for seasoning. Today, we have a host of black owned seasoning brands that use the rich heritage of Africa and the Caribbean. With the summer upon us, there will be plenty of barbecues and gatherings over food. You’ll want to make sure to add these Black- Owned Seasonings and Hot Sauces to your pantry:

Bacchanal Sauce 

Chef Sonya Samuels sought out to make a hot sauce that perfectly captured the spice of her island roots without having to book a flight. Affectionately dubbed, the Caribbean’s answer to Sriracha, Bacchanal Pepper Sauce features a blend of scotch bonnet and habanero peppers, and exotic fruits like papaya, pineapple, and tamarind. Could this be the hot sauce Beyonce carried in her bag? Maybe.

 (Image credit: Instagram/ Bacchanal Sauce)

Order at

The Chic Chef

Chef Nik Fields literally puts the word chic into the kitchen with her signature line of spice blends and hot sauces. From wine finishing salts like Chardonnay, Rose, and Merlot to Gourmet Hot sauces like Pineapple Peach Habanero and Roasted Garlic Habanero, the Chic Chef has all of the trimmings to ensure that you will be the perfect host. What’s even better is that her products are 100 percent natural.

 (Image Credit: Instagram/nikthechicchef)

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Herban Farm

For those whose heat tolerance is just a little more advanced than others, Rude Boi Hot Pepper Sauce from the Herban Farm might just be for you. It features Guinness Book World record’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper with Red Jamaican Scotch Bonnet in this limited edition blend. 

(Image Credit: Instagram/herbanfarmnw)

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Premadonna’s Cookware

While many may be familiar with her as being one of the first to introduce a line of waist shapers, Premadonna is also known for her skills in the kitchen. Her seasonings have been beloved by many celebrities including the one and only Rihanna. In addition, Premadonna has used her business savvy to expand her brand which now includes a line of cookware for the experienced and rookie cooks alike.

(Image Credit: Instagram/premadonnacookware)

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