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Sep 17, 2022 02:00PM ● By Camille Porter

Black culture has been a source of Innovation and inspiration to other cultures since ancient times. Now we notice the importance of Black culture through outlets like Black business, arts, and literature. When we shed a light on Black culture, we can see its influence through its many leaders in science, inventions, sports, music, activism, and so much more. Black culture started in Africa, and through the Diaspora it spread to the entire world. Thanks to Black culture there has been advances in medicine, politics, agriculture, and film. As a people, we constantly contribute to the progress of society.

Black culture is important to me because it provides a “safe space” to belong. Our culture embraces unique things like afro kinky hair, rhythmic beats, spiritual traditions, and folktales. Black Culture is indeed significant. It has molded and built me to be the young Black woman that I am today. I find confidence and wisdom as I understand more about black culture. When I think of Black culture, what comes to mind is resilience, strength, adaptability, and creativity.

As a child of the African Diaspora, Black culture has played a huge role throughout my entire life experience. Ever since I was a little Black girl, I have embraced Black culture as a part of me. From the foods that I have learned to cook, the ways I style my hair, the music I enjoy creating and dancing, to the role models and leaders in my life - all of these things and more stem from the importance of Black culture. As I discover more about Black culture, I find it powerful and valuable. This is because, it teaches me about the past while also preparing me for the future.

Black culture is important because it increases the diaspora’s opportunities to come together. I find it astounding that all of our roots connect back to one main source - Africa. Growing up, as I begin to understand more about Black culture, I felt empowered and inspired. It makes me unafraid of my dark hue complexion, unconcerned of how the world may judge the way I look, and appreciative of where I come from. As I discover more about the importance of Black culture, I find further information about my roots. For instance, wise women like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Phillis Wheatley paved the way including leading men like Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, and W.E.B. Dubois. These people and so many other greats have highlighted the richness of Black culture.

I am thankful for our history and I’m inspired by all that we as a people have been through because it has made us stronger. When we unite, we are able to grow our Black businesses and organizations. The impact of Black culture has provided social and economic benefits to its people through improving learning and health. It enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being within our communities. I choose to accept my identity and embrace Black culture in appreciation of my community and other Black communities all over the world. Black culture is a massive influence though it contains several languages, traditions, backgrounds, and information. When we examine Black culture, we find one grand source to a multitude of expansion.

The culture which originated from Africa, has impacted people in Australia, the Americas, and Asia – in all of these places, you find the influence of Black culture. This is because Black history is world history. Our great culture is so important that it has  connected to billions of people as a source of inspiration and progress throughout the world.