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A Look at Our Journey: From Then to Now

Nov 17, 2022 09:00AM ● By Joseph Warkreh T-Toe (Associate Editor FunTimes), Karen Warrington, Maise Blu

A Look at Our Journey: From Then to Now

By: Joseph Warkreh T-Toe (Associate Editor FunTimes)

There is always joy, celebration, and high expectations when a person or entity reaches a milestone. For FunTimes Magazine, this milestone is worth celebrating. It is a journey well-deserved and one that was traversed through unimaginable challenges that will strengthen our resolve while we press ahead.

This year, FunTimes Magazine celebrates its 30th anniversary as one of the fastest-growing Black-owned diaspora online magazines that inform, educate, and entertain while equally speaking to issues that concern the African, African-African, and Caribbean communities. As we celebrate, we can look at from whence we’ve come, some apparent cringing times, and our transformation from an attractive 100-page glossy print publication to a digital platform with compelling content where we use data to understand and solve social issues, create narrative stories, engage in digital marketing, and community outreach. 

You see, FunTimes was fathered by Eric Nzeribe, a native of Nigeria, who lived in Liberia during the civil war that radically tore families apart and generated enormous sadness and pain due to senseless killings. The year was 1992, and Nzeribe wanted to transform the lives of the people whose homes were constantly shelled. His comic strip, FunTimes Magazine, brought so much laughter to the people to the extent that it became a source of mental respite for the readers.

But after several years of war, Nzeribe soon got weary of the country’s self-inflicted wounds and decided to leave for America in 2000. Once in the U.S., FunTimes became Nzeribe’s preoccupation – restarting the publication of what was the hardcopy version in the city of Philadelphia.

In 2020, the magazine became one of the small businesses to face near-death-experience facilitated by the Covid pandemic. Most businesses were forced to reinvent themselves – offices were no longer safe working environments and the digital platform became a convenient necessity. FunTimes soon became adaptive to this new platform creating possibilities to reach global audiences from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, to countries such as India and the Caribbean. Today, our team is also globalized with several members working from several countries outside the United States.

Our analytics show we have netted over 3m reach in the last month across our platforms and over 75k followers on Facebook.     

FT has created sustainability and uses its purpose to bridge cultural relationship gaps of our globally located African descendants. For our Black and brown communities, the journey continues, and FT is a connector. Happy 30th anniversary FT, our journey continues.




FunTimes Tossed to its 30th Gala at Brown’s Shoprite

 By: Karen Warrington


As part of its year-long celebration, FunTimes broke-out the champagne, flew the balloons and threw the confetti as friends and well-wishers celebrated the magazine’s 30th anniversary at Brown’s ShopRite in Penrose shopping center on October 29 in Philadelphia.

Three decades of publishing a magazine dedicated to spotlighting the breadth of the African Diaspora is a major accomplishment on a cultural and business level. FunTimes has not only reached that milestone, it has expanded its reach in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

Staying true to its mission to Educate, Entertain and Empower,
FunTimes has built bridges of understanding and appreciation for the diversity of our African-centered platforms connecting our readers throughout the world. Each edition spotlights entrepreneurship, creativity and yes, our oneness.

Funtimes introduces its readers to all levels of leadership whether they are working in our neighborhoods or corporate offices. And, FunTimes often collaborates with faith-based leaders especially in the African American, African and Caribbean communities.

Funtimes is a culture and lifestyle publication for African American, African and Caribbean communities wherever they are in the world. Therefore, we celebrate every edition. CONGRATULATIONS!



FunTimes Connects Borders in 30 Years

By: Maise Blu


This year, FunTimes Magazine celebrates its 30th year anniversary. Over a span of three decades the magazine has evolved into a digital platform and has expanded its reach beyond the United State. Its impact over the years has been remarkable, reaching so many countries including Nigeria, Russia, Ghana, Jamaica, India, the UK and more.


On its team are creatives originating from four different continents and several countries, proving the value placed on collective work, creativity, and diversity. Since its birth, FunTimes Magazine has been seen as a progressive organization. With the 30th anniversary currently happening, we can reflect on the success of FunTimes Magazine. From curating positive experiences for artists and the youth to learn and grow, to giving back through fundraising and contests. FunTimes often finds ways to contribute through community engagement, empowerment and opportunity. This has led to the growth and expansion of the magazine in 2020 in spite of the challenges of the Covid pandemic. FunTimes has survived and continued to inform and connect with thousands of readers throughout the diaspora and the world, forming relationship and connecting borders. So, join FunTimes in celebrating 30 years of connecting communities across borders. 

Photos from recently held FunTimes 30th Anniversary Celebration at Brown's Shoprite: