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Children’s Books Review

Dec 02, 2022 02:00PM ● By Sandra Lawrence
childrens books about African culture


Joseph Warkreh T-Toe was born in Monrovia, Liberia in 1951. A graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 1979, he is Associate Editor Emeritus of FunTimes Magazine in Philadelphia. T-Toe is a noted author of children’s books.  He has demonstrated skill and talent for engaging the minds of children and provides teachable moments for parents to discuss life’s lessons. He has mastered the art of writing suspenseful and intriguing tales that can be defined as African folklore. His books offer an international interest that all can enjoy. They can hold the interest of children while providing a break from the world of video games and television. 

His second book The Adventure of Little King Dakhena is an exciting adventure of a young man, Dakhena, who became king early in life after his father’s death. The story introduces his Uncle Musa who takes the young king on a hunting trip and abandons him in the deep forest in a plan to become king.The illustrations are colorful and match the narratives of Dakhena’s adventure. 

T-Toe leaves us in suspense – wondering if the book will become a series as Dakhena grows into his royal heritage.

The Adventure of Little King Dakhena

(Audience – 10 to 12 years)

The Adventure of Little King Dakhena can be purchased at:


 Fatu and Lake Piso

(Audience – 8 to 12 year)


This book which was T-Toe’s first for children, was a favorite. Between its pages, the reader will be immersed in how “the innocence of a child is brought to life through her experience in the tiny lakeside town of Bendu.” She is torn between the worlds of her parents and that of her dear uncle, who impacted her life in many ways before leaving for the big city. The book is the development of a series about Fatu. T-Toe’s crafty narratives fully provide the young readers an intentionally exciting and intriguing entrance into Fatu’s world. It expands one’s imagination into the life of a young girl growing up in an African village. He has recognized the old traditions of her village life and yet how Fatu dreams of the beyond in obtaining an education.     

In the next of this series "Fatu Goes to School”, Fatu weaves through the bold and courageous act of refusing submission to old traditions; she chooses education over forced marriage. In “Fatu Goes Fishing with Dad” she respectfully refuses to accept the prevailing bias that women should only be confined to domestic chores.  This series is an excellent example of a young girl’s “sheroism” to take on new challenges.  Well written series for young readers.

Fatu and Lake Piso can be purchased at:

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 Sandy is a Deaconess at the Vine Memorial Baptist Church.  She is retired and has worked in the field of elementary education and adoption/foster and geriatric social work. She is founder and CEO of ICAP Inc (Intergenerational Community Alliances & Programs Inc.) a nonprofit organization. It provides workshops and motivational speaking on select topics.  Sandy is an amateur Storyteller and has authored 2 adoption specialty children’s books and has published an inspirational book for women available on amazon titled "Weaving the Threads of Faith… Sisterly Encouragement 1." The Part 2 is soon to be released.  She has held/holds membership in various socially impacting organizations promoting the betterment of women, children/families and seniors.  She is associate publisher and advisory board member to FUNTIMES Magazine. Sandy is the mother of son, Rasheen.  She lives the philosophy that “If I can help somebody along the way than my living is not in vain..” 

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