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Meet Beulah Obioma, the Tall, Stunning Nigerian Model Building Black Women’s Body Confidence, One Tiktok Video at a Time!

Apr 14, 2023 04:00PM ● By Kufre N.

Image: Portrait of Beulah Obioma. Credit: Ten21 Portraits

We are in the height of a digital age where almost anything is accessible online, from funny videos and memes to news and information and even diverging political and social issues. It is also an age that has given a platform to the rise and rise of content creators and influencers who sway the masses towards trends, products, ideas, etc.

One of the said influencers is the rising Black content creator and actor Beulah Obioma, who was born and raised in Abia, Nigeria. She uses her multifaceted skills to make content via TikTok ( and has a massive following of 132k followers and counting. 

She captivates and inspires her audience through her interpretations of strength in vulnerability which unravels via modeling, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and acting. She now spends time living and creating in the U.S., the U.K., and Nigeria.

At a whopping 5’11”, Beulah is above the average height of men and women in many countries and is used to being visible due to her stature.

In an exclusive interview with FunTimes, Beulah explains how accepting and loving herself led to her curated content which now inspires thousands worldwide.

Image: Portrait of Beulah Obioma. Credit: Ten21 Portraits

Tell us where you are in your self-love and confidence journey and if you have faced any challenges.

I am in a space where I am letting myself be and embracing peace. I have significant respect and reverence for myself, which has taken me a lot of isolated time, tears, and transparency to build and with that level of intimacy and self-awareness, there are always new revelations bound to erupt when faced with different situations in life. The challenge is always to submit to the commitment I have made to myself and God to endeavor to be progressive in all aspects of my life regardless of whatever situation I find myself in.

How has being a gorgeous, Black, tall 5 feet 11 inches goddess affected how you are perceived in society?

It comes with some opinions and prejudices, but I prefer to focus on those that align with the objectives, which involve awareness, growth, empathy, ambition, and things of that nature. Anything else that is not in line, gets no attention or response.

Did you ever wish to be shorter or less ‘visible’ in society?

Probably when I was younger and did not really understand my mind, thoughts, and self. I felt then that life would be “easier” that way.

What inspired you to go into content creation?

The depression due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I needed a creative outlet and content creation came to the rescue.

How does body image affect our mental and emotional health?

That is an interesting question. Because I know how disciplined I can be to maintain certain goals I set for myself, I tend to hold myself responsible for my shortcomings. Some may say I am hard on myself, but I like to hold myself accountable when I catch myself slipping. When my mental and emotional life begins to dwindle due to my body image, I try to remind myself that it is an indicator to re-access, retreat or rearrange my approach based on my overall objective.

Image: Portrait of Beulah Obioma. Credit: Ten21 Portraits

How does the media influence our body image?

The media is an attention seeker, and an attention seeker will do whatever it takes to be seen. With that said, the media is always changing its mind which would make the average individual uncertain and anxious.

How did you deal with going viral and hearing your content inspire people?

I accepted it because I knew it would come. I try my best to stay grounded and consistent, so nothing knocks me off. I am always grateful for the love and support I receive, and I will always persevere to put out content and characters that speak to the world.

Would you describe yourself as a role model? Do you believe people should have role models?

I believe people should have role models, someone to give them a clue and inspire them or discourage them sometimes, depending on the situation. As the first child in my family, I believe being a role model comes with the territory.

What advice do you have for people to love themselves unconditionally?

You owe it to yourself. No one spends as much time as you do with yourself, and even if they did, no one spends that much time with you in your own body. So, it is imperative that you know, accept, and love yourself because you are the one truly capable of accessing the love within you, to translate love to you, and the only one who teaches others how to love you. It is also important that you love yourself, because if you do not love yourself, you may find it hard to accept it when people offer you theirs, or even worse, accept the wrong kind of love.

What does the future hold for you and your career? What can we expect from you?

The future holds a ton of growth, opportunities, collaborations, enjoyment, ambition, and achievements by God’s grace. You can expect bigger, better, and bountiful testimonies via content and other media outlets.

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