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Style Influencers brings Wedding Invitee Attire Advice

May 15, 2023 10:00AM ● By Aisha Al-Muid AKA MissMahoganyPhilly

So you have been graciously invited to a wedding—lovely! Now you need to arrive on time, most importantly and appropriately dressed. Your look needs to meet the celebratory occasion, and you want to make the couple happy that they chose you as a guest, and there’s no better wedding guest than a well-dressed one. Remember, video, photography, and social media addicts are always present. So here are a few tips that will support you in making the best choice. 

Suppose the dress code says black tie - beautiful! Floor-length gowns or dressy pants suits and ankle-skimming black tie dresses, men must wear a dinner jacket with matching trousers, a lovely shirt, most often white, black formal shoes, and a bow tie. A black-tie dress code requires you to follow the rules, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. 

Essentially, you want an elegant, simplistic, luxe look! Going to a wedding on the horizon that’s calling for cocktail attire? This dress code is one of the more playful, as cocktail dresses or pants sets are meant to be as fun as the “drinks on us” hour. In terms of dress length, you can go with midi and minidresses; it’s all in your swag that counts. Fabrics should be of a more substantial quality than a day dress, so consider silk jacquards, shimmering stretch jerseys, or pleated satins. 

Men, please wear a jacket and tie, which are also required for cocktail attire. Fancy sneakers have become the rage, so wearing them will be accepted for cocktail/evening wedding footwear. Go with darker hues, burgundy, and black/browns in chillier months or for evening events, but feel free to wear lighter neutrals or cool blues in warmer weather or for daytime celebrations. Lastly,  are you attending a  classic Spring/Summer wedding in a garden or during the day? When selecting your look, ladies and gents think of floral patterns, soft and romantic hues, and overall loveliness. Your fabrics and outfit choices can be more relaxed, so poly blends and printed cotton will work so long as the fit is right. 

If you’re headed someplace fabulous to witness your loved ones tie the knot. Destination wedding guest dresses are, hands-down, the most fun attire to shop for. Two-piece sets and pantsuits will work just as well. Whether you’re headed to a wedding in Mexico or on the Ghanaian Coast, the assignment is clear - dress like you’re on vacation. Color! Prints! Patterns! So long as you follow hemline requests from the couple (Black-tie or otherwise), this is the moment to be festive. Rule of thumb? Women can never, ever, ever wear white or wear an outfit that would upstage the bride or groom. Here are some pictorial ideas:

Black tie/Cocktail evening wear. Uwana Glitter Maxi Dress/Bey Sleeve Maxi Wrap Dress

Black tie/ Evening wear formal suits Stormzy in Burberry Getty images/

Garden/Day wedding Outfits

Destination/ Garden/Day wedding attire

 Aisha Al-Muid M.Ed. is the columnist behind "Culture Style Influencers". As a youngster she took an interest in high fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Essence) and had an opportunity to intern at Essence magazine in the late 90’s. Aisha spent time working in retail at Barneys’ New York and eventually she opened a retail boutique, Miss Mahogany in West Philadelphia 2014-2016 featuring stylish fashion accessories. The passion for fashion and style  is an intricate part of her life that has driven Aisha to contribute to FunTime magazine as a writer and style influencer since 2015.

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