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Thanksgiving Survival Guide: Watch How Much You Eat

Nov 19, 2023 02:00PM ● By Gift Joe

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

It is that time of the year again when families and friends come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a time for joy, gratitude, and indulgence. If you are one of those who love to cook, this is one of those times you get to show off your skills. And for the foodies, there is always enough to eat and drink. Even those on a diet tend to forget to loosen up a bit as they enjoy home-cooked meals with their loved ones.

On a holiday like Thanksgiving, there's the tendency to overeat as food is a large part of the celebrations and for many, it is YOLO-time. Eating every meal that crosses your path may be fun at the moment, but it often comes with a price - discomfort, bloating, and others. When the stomach is stretched beyond capacity, discomfort occurs. We’re all familiar with the aftermath of overeating.

Wondering how you’re going to get through this year’s Thanksgiving without compromising your health and well-being? We have got you covered with these tips for before, during, and after your Thanksgiving feast that will leave you feeling fine. These tips will help you find joy in celebrating without excess.

Before your Thanksgiving feast

Relax and don’t overthink it: This is one day of the year when people tend to overeat, so just free your mind and do not overthink it. Even if you end up eating too much, it is just one day out of the many in a year. One weekend of indulgence will not change your weight irreversibly. Remember, it only comes once a year, so it is important to enjoy the holiday and not feel restricted.

Do not skip meals: It’s not uncommon for people to skip meals during the day so they can have enough space to eat everything on the Thanksgiving table. This is not advisable as you are more likely to overeat when you arrive hungry. Make sure you have something to eat during the day.

Consciously decide what you’ll not be eating: It is okay if you brainstorm with yourself ahead of time what meals you will be bypassing. You do not have to eat it just because everybody else is. You can decide to ditch it if it’s not a meal you like that much. Deciding ahead makes skipping them easy when the time comes.

Photo by Craig Adderley

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During your Thanksgiving feast

Slow down: Are you eating more just because others are? Take it easy. People tend to recognize when they are full this way. Slowing down your meal and paying attention to how you feel is one way to avoid overeating. It will also give you time to decide whether you really need to go for more or not. Finishing your meal too quickly does not give your stomach enough time to tell your brain you’re full.

Portion control: Something as simple as using a smaller plate size can help you keep your portions under control. That way you can avoid overeating.

Avoid getting stuffed: We get it, there are so many options to choose from. But, you don’t have to stuff yourself with everything. You can have a little of each meal, with emphasis on little. The good news is that holiday meals can make delicious leftovers. You can just pack up what’s left for a sumptuous meal later.

Water over alcohol: It’s okay to enjoy a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or your favorite drink. However, make sure you are also having water throughout the day. Drinking water before a meal starts to fill you up before you take your first bite. Remember, water doesn’t add calories, alcohol does!

After your Thanksgiving feast 

Get comfortable:  Now you are full. You may want to change into some nice comfy clothes if you’re wearing anything that makes you feel your body is in bondage. If your clothes feel tight, you are going to be more uncomfortable and less relaxed.

Keep moving: After overeating, the next thing on your mind is to find the nearest couch for a nap. Don’t do that! Your best remedy is to try to stay upright and keep moving. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Something as simple as strolling down the street is a great way to relieve the heavy feeling you get from eating more than your stomach can bear.

Pass gas: Yep, you read that right. Sometimes, the bloating is caused by a buildup of gas in your digestive system. If you’re gassy or bloated, let it go. It will help ease the uncomfortable feeling.

Take tea: Sipping on peppermint tea helps relax the digestive tract, including the esophageal sphincter, which allows you to burp up any trapped air in the stomach. The tea’s warm temperature is also soothing to your digestive system.

Continue with your routine: Don’t start starving yourself the next day just because you had too much to eat. Keep eating like you normally would and continue to be kind to yourself.

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