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A Gift of Gratitude

Nov 29, 2023 12:00PM ● By Dr. Nikia Owens, President and CEO of Campaign for Working Families

 A Message of Heartfelt Gratitude from Campaign for Working Families

As we transition from the warmth of Thanksgiving to the spirit of Giving Tuesday, I am filled with profound gratitude. Reflecting on the journey of Campaign for Working Families (CWF), it's a privilege to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has been a part of this transformative voyage.

To the Individuals and Families, We Serve

You are the core of our mission at CWF. Your trust in us, allowing our IRS-certified professionals to assist you, is the driving force behind our work. In the 2023 tax season, we were honored to serve over 21,000 individuals and families, successfully putting over $32 million back into your pockets. Your resilience and strength are a constant source of inspiration. Your presence validates the purpose of our work and underscores the importance of the support we receive from our funders and community partners.

To Our Community Partners and Funders

Your unwavering belief in our mission and consistent support have been critical in our ability to touch and uplift countless lives. The partnership we share goes beyond collaboration; it is a mutual commitment to effecting tangible, positive change in our communities. CWF is immensely grateful for your investment, which has been pivotal in enabling us to achieve our goals.

To My Staff and CWF Team Members

You are the unsung heroes of our organization. Your dedication to fostering a responsive, community-centered organization is appreciated. I am constantly inspired by your commitment to our vision and the palpable passion you bring to your work every day.

This note of gratitude is my humble acknowledgment of every contribution – be it time, resources, or belief in our cause. Your involvement is invaluable and a vital part of our continuing journey. Together, we will elevate our work for the 2024 tax season. furthering our shared mission of empowering families and individuals. 

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