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15 Side Hustles You Can Do This Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2023 10:00AM ● By Gift Joe

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

It is that time of the year when people get to spend a lot, from buying gifts for loved ones to killing big fat turkeys and cooking up a storm. The kids are already writing lengthy letters to Santa; family and loved ones want gifts, and Christmas trees and other pretty decorations are calling for your attention from the stores. You might be wondering how you’ll afford all these expenses with your lean budget. If not careful, you may end up digging deep into your savings and may run into debt before the new year begins. This is where the seasonal side hustle comes in.

More and more people are taking on side hustles to help supplement their incomes, especially during the holiday season. If you are wondering how to make extra income in your spare time during this festive period, do not fret, we have got you covered. There are many ways to make money, and many do not require any experience. Some can even be done from the comfort of your favorite couch. Here are 15 side hustles to help you make some easy cash this festive season.

Personal Shopper

Do you love shopping and helping people do it? You can earn money as a personal shopper. Many people do not have the time and need help with grocery shopping, Christmas gifts, decorations and so much more. You could help out your friends, family, and neighbors and get paid for it.

Wrap Gifts For Others

Working as a gift wrapper this season is one of the top side hustles you can do to make some extra cash. Wrapping gifts can be a chore for some people, and others do not have the time or the skill to do it. If you have the time and skill, you should consider offering your services in shops or stores around you. Also, let your family, friends, and neighbors know you can do this for them for a small fee. You can also post ads on WhatsApp groups, Facebook community groups, and others.

Deliver Food With DoorDash

Another way to make extra money is by delivering food with DoorDash. You can choose your hours and work as often as you want. However, you will need to fill out an application, submit to a background check, and complete a driver orientation to get started.

Decorate Other People’s Houses

Do you love to decorate and know how to make any space come alive? You can put this talent of yours to good use this festive season. Setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house require time and effort which some people do not have. Such people may require some help and this is where you come in. Your service can range from setting up the Christmas tree to hanging lights and creating other beautiful displays. If you have pictures of some of your previous works, you can use them to create a portfolio. This will boost your chances of getting clients.


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Make And Sell Gifts Online

Turning your hobbies and interests into a side hustle is one way to supplement your income. So, if you love to craft things by hand, you could be making and selling your handmade seasonal gifts to make extra money. You could make Christmas scarves, jewelry, and other artworks. Etsy, eBay, or Amazon are great sites to sell your products online. You could also sell them at local craft fairs.


Helping busy parents out with their kids can be a perfect side hustle for that extra income. If you are good with kids, you may consider offering to babysit for friends and neighbors while they are away handling other activities.

Earn Holiday Cash With Your Car

You can make some serious cash during the holidays, which happens to be one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, as people attend a variety of holiday parties and gatherings. People will need drivers to take them to their different destinations. If you have a car in good condition, you may consider becoming an Uber driver, picking a schedule that works for you.

House Sitting

Many homes are left unattended as the owners go on vacation over the holidays. Such people sometimes hire a house sitter to care for their belongings while they are away. Advertise your services online or through word of mouth and be on your way to making extra money.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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Snow Removal

Shoveling snow is one of the many seasonal side hustles that can fetch you an extra income. It may not be a very easy task, but it pays well.

Hair or Makeup Business

There will be many parties and gatherings during this period, and people, especially ladies, like to command attention at such places. If you are good with hair and makeup, you can offer your services to friends and neighbors in your spare time.

Holiday Music Gigs

We are all familiar with the singing that rents the air this season, from carols to holiday classics. If you are a talented singer, you could offer to play at parties, malls, and other retail spaces for an extra income.

Holiday Photography

If you are a talented photographer, you could make some money this holiday season. Taking pictures of families, couples, or individuals wanting seasonal portraits is a good way to make extra cash. Another way is by selling winter landscape photos as prints, calendars, or postcards. Online platforms and local craft fairs are good places to showcase and sell your work.

Rent Out Your Things

This is another easy way to make extra cash this season. You can rent your spare room, car, bike, and other items.

Photo by KoolShooters

Become A Santa or His Helpers

Retail stores, shopping malls, and other businesses hire people to play Santa and his helpers. You can consider playing the role of Santa or one of his elves this season.

Answer Questions Online

Too good to be true right? Well, many professionals are getting paid online by simply answering questions. As a trained lawyer or any other professional, all you need to do to start making some extra money is create an account and get paid for every question you answer. JustAnswer is one such platforms where you can flaunt your expertise.

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