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Jingle Sales: Guide Your Business Through the December Economic Landscape

Dec 24, 2023 10:00AM ● By Okechukwu Nzeribe

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December is here again and with the festive season comes an increase in consumer spending. Across Africa, Micro-Enterprise businesses are working round the clock to navigate the economic landscape. With an increase in demand for products and services and the limited resources available to them, these businesses can find themselves overwhelmed and unable to meet their obligation to their consumers.

In this guide, we present strategies that can help Micro-Enterprise businesses in Africa navigate the economic landscape successfully in December.

Utilize Promotions: Businesses both large and small leverage the use of promotions to attract patronage and drive sales of their products. Consumers are always looking for the best deals that offer them affordable prices or reasonable discounts. There is no hard rule to having black Friday sales. Micro Enterprises can run a Black Friday or any other promotion within December and offer value-added deals to encourage repeat patronage and attract new patronage.

Increase Digital Presence: Social media has become a useful tool for businesses to reach a wider and diverse audience. Establishing a strong online presence through social media platforms and having an accessible website can help Micro Enterprises become more visible and attract sales.

Targeted advertisement and customer feedback can help small businesses appreciate what the customers need and how best to deliver on these expectations.

Photo by Valdans Media

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Reward Customer Loyalty: After a yearlong period of sales and enjoyment of customer patronage, Micro Enterprise businesses can leverage the month of December as an opportunity to reward customers who have remained committed to patronizing their products and services. That way small businesses not only ensure loyalty but could also gain more clients as current patrons spread the word about their experiences with these businesses. 

Be Fully Stocked: Check inventory to ensure your business is not lacking products more so the goods that are in high demand during December. Emphasis should also be on a continuous inventory review so that restocking can be done speedily for products running low. 

Collaborate with Other Businesses: Micro Enterprise Businesses need other businesses to thrive. Partnering with non-competing businesses like logistic businesses can ensure prompt delivery of products ordered. Collaborating with other businesses through mini-fairs during December can help grow your customer base while offering your business the required publicity.

Arusha, Tanzania. Photo by Blue Ox Studio

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Strategic Planning: To have a bumper Jingle sale in December, Micro-Enterprise Businesses must start planning ahead of time. Reviewing sales from previous years could give an insight into what products are in high demand during the month. By looking at the sales data, consumer behavior could easily become predictable thereby helping businesses focus its sales strategy on specific products that attracts patronage.

Use Alternative Payment Channels: Card payments, mobile money transfers and other range of online payment should be available for customers who wish to use them. Having a seamless non-cash payment options makes your business appealing to customers averse to carrying cash and possibly guarantees increased sales due to the ease your business provides.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service: A satisfied customer brings repeated patronage and a recommendation for your business. Handling complaints, addressing queries and going overboard to offer assistance to customers can leave a lasting impression of your business.


By observing these strategies and more, Micro Enterprise Business can flourish in December thereby ensuring that while they meet customer satisfaction during this festive season, they also meet their goals and targets for the month.

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 Okechukwu Nzeribe works with the Onitsha Chamber of Commerce, in Anambra State, Nigeria, and loves unveiling the richness of African cultures. [email protected]

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