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Beware: These Are Five Signs Your Relationship is Ending

Apr 30, 2023 02:00PM ● By Kufre N.

Photo by RODNAE Productions

Relationships are how two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected. In our lifetime, we go through numerous relationships, from family to friends, acquaintances, and romantic relationships. Each one needs certain vital ingredients to be sustained at the level they are at, with hopes of a brighter future of connectivity.

At FunTimes, we support the sustenance of good and great relationships! However, it is not worth it to force yourself to stay in a relationship/friendship nearing its end. 

Here are five (5) signs that it might be time to say goodbye to your relationship:

(1) There is too much baggage than you are willing to bear

Everyone has a bit of baggage that they bring to the table due to our different upbringings and life experiences before meeting. When you connect with people, you are willing to accept and face the ‘emotional baggage’ they carry. There is also a willingness to accept them how they are and for who they are.

If you find yourself less and less discouraged to assist your partner/friend with their baggage, or even judging them or resenting them for the stress it is putting on you to deal with it, then this is a sign there is trouble in paradise. What you previously enjoyed doing now comes across as a chore, and that negativity will rear its ugly head in how you treat your partner/friend, and no one deserves intentionally poor treatment. Be prepared to address the situation or be ready to let go of the relationship.

(2) Situations and circumstances change

Change is constant. However, what could be more stable is how different individuals react and adapt to change. It could be that you and your partner/friend had more of a stronger connection when both of you met, and things were going well. Now, you may be in a phase of your life that has nothing to do with them (or vice versa), and that means that you both must work extra hard to keep the spark alive. It could also be that one or both of you does not have the mental strength to put in the extra effort, which means that both relationships have hit a standstill. If it means that much to either of you, you both should put in the work to make it last; however, if neither of you is willing, gear up to say goodbye.

Photo by Alex Green

(3) You both do not include yourselves in future plans

A key factor of people who are built to last is that they always include each other in their future. So, if your partner/friend makes no specific intention or plans to include you in where they see their life going, then this is a sign of the end times in your relationship. It could be that their future is evolving, and both of you cannot seem to find common ground anymore, but even the most demanding situations should have a mid-point. If they cannot even see you beyond the next day, ask yourself what the point is. Find ways to reconnect with your person and see if they are making accommodations for you in their future or if it is a lost cause, and it is better for everyone to separate before things become volatile.

(4) You find yourself more interested in other people

There are many interesting people in the world, and it is almost impossible not to appreciate the beauty and intellect of others. However, it becomes extreme if you find others more attractive or enjoyable than your partner/friend. Doing this may devalue your relationship with them by valuing one of the others above it. It is a sign that whatever drew you to each other – whatever spark – is diminishing and needs rekindling. Innocent fantasizing and attraction can be harmless, but intentional flirting and attraction are harmful. There is no need to string anyone alone because of the past you share; let them know it is time to cut up loose ends. 

(5) Your gut feeling tells you it is time to admit defeat 

There is a reason the old saying ‘trust your gut feeling’ is still going strong today. A gut feeling or reaction is based on an instinctive emotional response rather than considered thought. Sometimes, trusting your gut feeling can help you make the right decision by paying attention to how your body reacts to the situation. Granted, we live in our bodies, so we respond to situations based on our understanding and experiences. Still, it is a good gauge of whether you feel safe in your body.

It is hard to love your partner/friend when every instinct tells you it is time to give up. You cannot ignore feelings of negativity and discomfort around making the relationship work, so try to let it go. The same if you are on the receiving end of a partner/friend who has given up on you based on their gut instinct. No need to spend endless nights going back and forth with your emotions when your rational mind has already made its decision.

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