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Sweden's Black-Owned Clothing Businesses

Aug 05, 2023 10:00AM ● By Anand Subramanian

Image by Esaú Romo via

Supporting local businesses takes on a new dimension in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. Sweden, often celebrated for its inclusivity and innovation, is witnessing a remarkable surge in the growth of Black-owned businesses. These enterprises offer unique products and services and contribute to the nation's socio-economic fabric. In recent years, many Black-owned companies have been making their mark on the Swedish business landscape, contributing to economic growth and celebrating diversity and cultural exchange.

So let's take this opportunity to dig deep into Sweden's Black-owned clothing businesses. 

Afrocolours Collecn - 

 Image: Etsy | Afrocolours Collecn

Ijeoma Mercy Seidlitz is a self-taught fashion designer from Nigeria who has lived in Sweden for five years. She is happily married and has a daughter. She started Afrocolours Collecn to bring her love of quality African garments to Sweden. In addition to selling African fabrics, she also creates ready-to-wear sustainable African clothes and accessories that are carefully handmade with 100% cotton materials. Ijeoma aims to make African-inspired fashion a global trend and create more awareness of the African textile market. Her collections are suitable for people of all ages and races. She loves the earth and recycles most of her scrap fabrics into nicely made accessories that she donates to charity organizations. Ijeoma is also a West African Women Association (WAWA) member, where she teaches, empowers, and inspires young girls and women on African fabric crafts. Her fashion sense is Afro-comfy and stylish.

Akụkọ - 

Arinze Prosper Emegoakor's love for fashion and storytelling led him to create something remarkable. Together with his team, they create a platform for African narratives and design sustainable statement socks with patterns and colors inspired by the motherland, made of bamboo. The socks are trendy, premium quality, and eco-friendly. Their brand, Akụkọ, is more than just a sock brand. It's a movement for change and empowerment that celebrates differences and legacies. The name Akụkọ means story or storytelling in the Igbo language of Nigeria, and their journey is a story that everyone can be a part of. Akụkọ launched its first collection at the beginning of 2020 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. They chose to crowdfund because they are committed to community building and believe that their success story showcases the strength of the community. The brand stands out, and its vision is relevant, which has made it easier for the community to rally behind them.

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Colors of Africa - 

Funmi Peters is the driving force behind the Colors of Africa. Raised in Nigeria within a close-knit family of eight siblings, Funmi's artistic journey began with her pursuit of textile and fashion design, a passion she cultivated through her education in Nigeria and Ghana. Her professional path led her through the corridors of art galleries and across various African countries as a dedicated arts and crafts buyer. The chapters of Funmi's life brought her to Sweden, propelled by love, and she carried a profound appreciation for African arts and crafts with her. The connections she had fostered as a buyer in Nigeria had evolved into a cherished extended family, inspiring her to continue showcasing their creations. What began as a modest pop-up shop in Stockholm in 2011 has since blossomed into a thriving establishment in the heart of Sofo on Södermalm in Stockholm.

Elyon Fashion - 

Source: Elyon Fashion

Elyon Fashion emerges as a distinct entity within the Elyon Group of companies. This visionary venture, hailing from the heart of Sweden, is not merely a beauty company, but a conduit for cultural expression, weaving a tapestry of dresses, necklaces, bracelets, and an eclectic range of African print wear that pulsates with color and uniqueness. Since its inception in 2021, Elyon Fashion has been a thread that connects continents. Its intricate supply chain has unfurled its vibrant offerings across the expanse of Europe and even beyond, as patrons worldwide embrace the allure of African fashion. What sets Elyon Fashion apart is its resolute mission to catapult African products onto the global fashion stage, a platform where creativity flourishes and boundaries fade. Anticipating a new chapter in its narrative, Elyon Fashion is set to unveil its online storefront, an e-commerce haven that promises an extensive inventory of African fashion treasures. From the exuberant expanse of youth to the sophistication of adulthood, their offerings cater to every age and taste. Bernice Nyamikye, the pioneering force behind Elyon Fashion, sowed the seeds of this remarkable journey in 2016. With unwavering dedication, her brainchild has flourished, adorning individuals worldwide with the spirit and craftsmanship of African fashion. Elyon Fashion is more than a brand; it's a cultural bridge, a testament to the power of creativity, and a celebration of the universal language of style.

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Why Your Support Matters

The power of your consumer choices extends beyond a simple transaction. By supporting Black-owned businesses, you actively contribute to:

  1. Economic Growth: Every purchase you make from a Black-owned business bolsters the local economy, fostering job creation and community development.

  2. Representation: Your support conveys inclusivity and representation, showing that diverse voices and perspectives are valued and recognized.

  3. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Black entrepreneurs often face unique challenges in accessing resources and opportunities. By supporting their businesses, you help level the playing field and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship.

  4. Cultural Exchange: Black-owned businesses often infuse their products and services with cultural nuances, enriching the societal tapestry and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

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Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses

  1. Research and Discover: Take the time to explore and discover Black-owned businesses in your area. Social media, local directories, and community events can be excellent sources of information.

  2. Spread the Word: Use your platform, whether social media or word of mouth, to share your positive experiences and recommendations. Your endorsement can introduce these businesses to a wider audience.

  3. Attend Events: Watch for events, pop-ups, and markets organized by Black entrepreneurs. Participating in these events offers a unique shopping experience and a chance to connect with the community.

  4. Collaborate and Partner: If you're a business owner, consider collaborating with Black entrepreneurs for cross-promotional activities. Partnerships can amplify both businesses' reach and impact.

The rise of Black-owned businesses in Sweden is not merely a trend but a transformative movement reflecting the nation's evolving identity. These businesses are weaving a tapestry of opportunity, innovation, and cultural celebration. As Sweden continues to embrace the value of diversity, the flourishing Black-owned business landscape serves as a reminder that the fusion of cultures enriches the economy and the very fabric of society. We shape a brighter, more inclusive future for Sweden and beyond by supporting and championing these businesses.

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 Anand Subramanian is a freelance photographer and content writer based out of Tamil Nadu, India. Having a background in Engineering always made him curious about life on the other side of the spectrum. He leapt forward towards the Photography life and never looked back. Specializing in Documentary and  Portrait photography gave him an up-close and personal view into the complexities of human beings and those experiences helped him branch out from visual to words. Today he is mentoring passionate photographers and writing about the different dimensions of the art world.

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