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Gbas Gbos: How Banter Fuels Afrobeats

Jan 03, 2024 02:00PM ● By Burns Johnson

Ruger and JZyNO. Instagram | @rugerofficial | @jzyno__ 

Afrobeats has never had a year without banter; it has become the typical syndrome that there must be "gbas gbos" here and there all over the internet between Afrobeats artists, fans, and music critics. It is the reason behind the song's continued popularity, chart-topping status, and appearance on radio and podcast programs. In Nigeria, banter, or gbas gbos, is another subtle way of promoting music that creates awareness for a song, album, or even an artist. It has also strengthened the Afrobeats industry.

In Nigeria, as they say, there is an equal amount of gbas for every gbos. One of the most recent banters involved Ruger (Nigeria) and JZyNO (Liberia). In a podcast interview, Ruger stated that most musicians become well-known via TikTok. He mentioned JZyNO, claiming that his hit song "Butta My Bread" became popular on TikTok before appearing in mainstream media. No wonder they say, "Last last, na podcast go destroy this country," because every controversial topic is first aired in a podcast show. Podcast Wahala is a different topic for another day.

In response to Ruger's interview, JZyNO voiced his dissatisfaction, claiming that he and his team had worked extremely hard and without sponsorship to reach this point, in contrast to Ruger, who is affiliated with one of the most prominent record labels in Africa and the most populous nation in Africa, with over 120 million internet users as opposed to 1.80 million in Liberia.

To remain relevant in the world of Afrobeats conversation, you must master the art of spontaneous clapbacks and savage retorts. No wonder every artist wants to feature an Afrobeats musician, especially the UK Black rappers like Skepta, Dave, Stormzy, Not3s, Ms Banks, Tion Wayne, Tinie Tempah, Darkoo, Jae5, Kojo Funds, and so on. You cannot feature an Afrobeats musician and not top charts or billboards. In colloquial Nigerian, we say, "Na dem dey rush us," but in this instance, we say, "na UK Black rappers dey rush us."

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 Immanuel Burns Johnson is a young and dedicated social media personnel. He was born, raised and schooled in Lagos, Nigeria. His hobbies include traveling, sports, political criticism and mobile games like C.O.D.M. Apart from these; he is also interested in skydiving and aeronautics. He is skilled in web coding and has a trait of hard work. This has helped him become successful in his field at a young age.

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